Hi, I'm Anoop.

Currently building IterFlow

Previously, built and sold a company (Profoundis, 2016); Creates software; Builds products; Leads teams

An engineer 🛠️ by training; problem solver 🧩 by profession; human🧍‍♂️at heart (INTJ)

When free, I enjoy reading 📚, hiking 🥾, traveling 🗺️, and photography 📸

Things I believe in

Topics I'm curious about

Future of Work | Machine Intelligence | Non-linear Dynamics | Philosophy of Logic | Economics | Decision Theory | Mental Models

Personal Motto

Have fun together and invent magic!

fun: Act of doing something towards a purpose, that's familar, but novel and challenging, ideally in companionship

magic: Something inspiring and elegant, that's inexplicably different from the norms

Get in touch with me through any of the following channels and let's talk more.

Happy to help and eager learn more from you.

twitter / github / linkedin / goodreads
Email [twitter_handle]@gmail.com

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